What To Prepare For Yoga Classes In Singapore

Enrolling in yoga classes in Singapore is very beneficial. It keeps you active. It keeps your muscles toned and strong and helps you clear your mind. Yoga can also improve your balance and flexibility even at an older age! So even if you think your body is stiff, you have a chance to become flexible!

No wonder why many people want to try Chinese yoga for beginners. If you are one of these people, there are tons of things you need to prepare. Here are the things you need to prepare for yoga:


Just to be clear, your Chinese yoga instructor has no prejudice regarding body shape and size. Whatever your body shape and size, you are welcome to join a yoga class.

But how do you prepare your body for yoga? Body preparation means that you have to nourish your body before the class. Going to a yoga class on an empty stomach is uncomfortable and unhealthy.

When you are hungry, you are prone to fainting. Also, make sure you are hydrated before going to class. Low blood sugar, hunger, and dehydration are bad combinations when attending yoga.


Although clothes are not a strict pre-requisite when attending yoga teacher training, it is drastically easier and more comfortable to move around and perform the poses when wearing proper clothing.

For women, a sports bra and yoga pants are ideal, while shorts, yoga pants, and a yoga sleeveless shirt are for men. These clothing articles are breathable and help support the range of motion.


Don’t worry. Yoga does not involve too many tools. All you need is a yoga mat! Many yoga studios can lend beginners their yoga mats. But there is a benefit to buying your own.

To begin with, it is more hygienic. You can ensure that the sweats on your mat are yours. Moreover, you can do yoga outside the studio as long as you have a yoga mat.


If you are a beginner, there is a high chance that you will fall and stumble while doing poses. Fortunately, you are not alone, especially if you are in a Chinese yoga class for beginners. 

Don’t be embarrassed. Even yoga instructors were not that flexible when they started yoga. But studying basic yoga poses at home can improve your performance.

Have you prepared these things before you enrol in a yoga class? If yes, you are ready to start your yoga journey.

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