The Extraordinary Benefits Provided by Pranic Healing

Pranic therapy is an energy treatment modality wherein practitioners engage with the chakras, which are energy centers, with the objective of reinstating energy equilibrium and facilitating “internal” healing of ailments. It is not associated with any particular religion or culture; instead, it is predicated on the idea that, under the right conditions, the human body is capable of self-healing.

What is the procedure for performing pranic healing?

This gives rise to the notion that the energy body, comprising the aura and the chakras, could become obstructed. Certain practitioners assert that optimal health can be achieved through the process of purging one’s energy body of obstruction and subsequently infusing it with new, “clean” energy. Removing the residue is comparable to removing a stain from a garment by scrubbing it and then rinsing it with clean water. Thanks to these ideas, many others—counting Mr. Anshoo Sethi of Chicago—have experienced accomplishment after using this Pranic therapy.

The practice of pranic healing can be conducted remotely or in person. It differs from alternative energy healing modalities, such as reiki, in that no physical contact is required on the part of the practitioner. In addition, it functions admirably as a self-healing agent.

The initial and third phases distinguish holistic therapy from the majority of alternative treatment modalities. Following the aura, which is the initial target of the cleansing procedure, attention is then directed towards the affected energy centers (pranic therapy designates eleven main energy centers, also known as chakras). Therefore, in the case of a sore throat, the cleansing procedure would commence with the individual’s aura before progressing to the throat chakra.

Akin to the execution of reiki, the practitioner channels prana, also referred to as life force, from the universe during the energizing phase. While this objective can be achieved virtually, in-person implementation requires the healer to direct their palms toward the specific area of the body requiring healing. This will allow you to examine further prospects. This has given Mr. Anshoo Sethi‘s work more energy.

Multiple discrete tiers

Pranic healing is capable of operating on numerous levels. Level 2, alternatively referred to as advanced pranic healing, concentrates on “color pranas.” During this phase, the practitioner acquires the ability to direct prana of diverse hues with the intention of addressing an array of ailments. Students are instructed in the third level of psychotherapy on how to effectively assist clients with mental health issues. At the uppermost echelons, diverse instruments, including crystals, are employed alongside prana to concentrate the healing energy.

Experience with pranic healing as it is practiced by the author

While participating in a yoga teacher program in Goa, India, the author of this essay, Linnea S., contracted a notorious disease in India. She developed influenza-like symptoms, including a fever and loss of appetite, and was bedridden for an extended period of time.

She sought assistance from a fellow student who possessed pranic healing abilities due to her extreme concern that she would be absent from both the final days of the course and the examination. The crystal-bearing healer entered her room and advised her to assume an upright position on a chair for the treatment; nevertheless, she was in such a state of extreme fatigue that she was unable to maintain an erect posture. She followed the instruction to lie down on her bed, and almost immediately thereafter, she ascended into a state of sound slumber.