Cog Thread and Its Role in Youthful Appearance

Cog thread has been in use in the medical field for many years. These absorbable threads cause no irritation or allergies to human skin and organs like the eye. This makes this kind of thread perfect for face lifting and also different kinds of surgeries. Here we will know about what is facial cog thread (ไหม cog คือ, term in Thai) and what benefits it can provide. If anyone is not sure about going under the knife to get younger skin, threads can solve their problem. The procedure leaves minimal marks making it possible to get back to usual life almost immediately. This one is perfect for those who cannot manage to get a break from work or daily chores due to cosmetic surgeries. The patient will be able to do almost everything and enjoy better skin with every passing day. Though a bit of lifting can be noticed almost instantly, the condition keeps increasing over the coming few months.

With a wide range of possibilities, these threads are capable of addressing many patients with varying needs. This is why cog threads are preferred by so many people around the world.  

Address various patient needs and concerns

PDO threads of various sizes can solve various issues and meet the requirements of every patient. There are also delicate mono threads, which are perfect for adding volume and reviving the skin around the chin and cheeks. Additionally, there are bi-directional cog threads that are thicker, stronger, and better for raising the neck, jowls, and sagging cheeks.

Safely absorbs into the body over time

PDO, also known as polydioxanone, is a safe and non-allergic method of facial rejuvenation. For the past 30 years, this K-FDA and CE-cleared absorbable substance has been used to close wounds in a variety of medical specialties, including plastic surgery, eye surgery, gynecology, and others. Within six to twelve months, the PDO threads disappear within the body. The skin naturally absorbs the water and carbon dioxide produced during its metabolism.

Keep the skin looking young and plump 

Studies indicate that using PDO threads may aid in the stimulation of new collagen creation in the skin, improving the skin’s elasticity and the appearance of wrinkles and folds. Additionally, it promotes the production of hyaluronic acid and elastin, two substances that are crucial for regenerating the skin and giving it a more youthful appearance.

Immediate appearance lifted following the procedure

Patients typically notice considerable lifting and skin tightening right away. However, keep in mind that the outcome won’t be seen until two to three months following the initiation of new collagen stimulation. The PDO thread takes around six months to disintegrate, but the effects last at least two years as long as your skin’s collagen sustains the lift.

Can be used in combination with other anti-aging techniques

Dermal fillers and Thread Lift can be used together to treat sagging skin and volume loss brought on by aging. Increasing and repairing the appearance of sunken cheeks and droopy eyebrows develops a comprehensive strategy for combating the indications of aging.