Are You Getting Double Eyelid? Is Surgery Safe Or Not?

The problems related to the eyes are familiar, like the double eyelid (ตา 2 ชั้น หลบ ใน, which is the term in Thai) problem that defines creases in your eyelids. Other than this, single eyelids, monolids, etc, are also seen in the eyes. The issue of eyes leads to distraction, and due to the absence of extra tissue, eyelid problems occur in life. All these sorts of things are part of the genetic problem. The best part is that nowadays, advanced technological and medical equipment can solve the problem of eyelids. The surgery is also best for those who are facing severe issues related to eyelids.

Why Surgery?

No matter whether you are facing issues nowadays related to eyelids. It is easily curable through surgery. A face is one of the most essential parts of our life. Every individual wants to look young and energetic. So, removing excess skin fat through surgery is not a big deal. There are certain benefits of eyelid surgery; have a look below.


One of the most common problems why people prefer surgery is to look youthful always. As we grow older, the skin becomes dull, and the problem of ageing is being detained. To avoid the loss of look and appearance, skin eyelid surgery is good. Some people also have droopy eyelids. All these sorts of problems create a mess in the face. So, to avoid it, people prefer double eyelid surgery according to their criteria.


The problem of tiredness also reduces automatically if the surgery is done correctly. Those who undergo eyelid surgery feel less tired and prefer sleeping less as compared to others. Their mood keeps on refreshing, and they always look happy.


As we know, if the appearance is good, automatically, the self-conscious mind will generate happiness. If we are happy from the inside, our level of confidence automatically boosts up. It is a life-changing experience with a more comfortable and more confident look. We feel more comfortable, and our confidence level boosts up to the next level.


Once the surgery is done, one can get a smoother forehead because the upper eyelid always affects the vision field. One can raise the eyebrows to see better vision; as we know, the lifting of eyebrows brings deep lines and wrinkles. A smoother forehead usually removes the extra weight, and now you don’t have to lift the eyebrows again and again.