4 Signs Your Loved One Can Use Elderly Day Care Services In Singapore

Looking after our ageing loved ones can be fulfilling and magical. By attending to their needs and ensuring they are comfortable during their golden years, we can return the love and care they gave us when we were young. Additionally, providing long term care for them in Singapore allows us to spend more time with them after years of being too busy with school and work.

However, caring for our retired parents or grandparents is not always rainbows and butterflies. While it may help us show how much we love and appreciate them, providing long term care for our ageing loved ones can be taxing and overwhelming.

If you find elderly care exhausting, know that you are not alone and you can seek help from experts around you. You can ask for assistance from a longevity daycare or rehabilitation centre for the elderly in Singapore to provide you and your parents with elderly day care services.

What Are Elderly Day Care Services In Singapore?

An elderly day care in Singapore is a facility that offers a programme aiming to provide care for the ageing population. They assist families in looking after their older household members through services that keep them healthy, active, and mentally stimulated.

An elderly day care can provide short-term or respite care services to alleviate the stress families face temporarily. However, they can also offer long term care for retired Singapore residents with relatives that cannot provide the best care for them.

How To Tell If Your Ageing Parent Needs Elderly Day Care Services

Many individuals feel hesitant to get daycare, long-term, or respite care services in Singapore since they are unsure if they and their elderly family members can benefit from them. To help you decide whether you should take your parents to a daycare facility, here are the four signs indicating they could use the services from such an establishment:

1. You Are Preoccupied With Work Or Home Duties

If you have become too busy from a demanding job or a growing family, do not feel guilty about getting elderly day care services in Singapore. Thanks to these solutions, you can focus on fulfilling your other duties and responsibilities for a few hours every day.

2. You Are Overwhelmed With The Demands Of Elderly Care

Looking after an elderly loved one can be stressful and exhausting. If you feel physically and mentally drained after attending to your ageing relative’s needs, consider getting short-term or respite care services that could give you time to breathe and look after yourself.

3. You Want To Socialise Them

Older individuals need interaction with others to keep their brains sharp. Allowing them to make friends and bond with them over games and other activities can also prevent them from getting diagnosed with dementia. If you want your parents or grandparents to remain mentally active, taking them to an elderly day care facility can help them socialise.

4. You Want To Keep Them Active

Physical activity is crucial to everyone’s health—especially the elderly. Taking your ageing loved one to a rehabilitation centre for the elderly can help their bodies retain mobility, strength, and flexibility and allow them to avoid numerous health issues.

Orange Valley is a trusted elderly day care facility in Singapore that can help you look after your parents or grandparents. If you think your family can benefit from their short or long-term care assistance, you can visit their website to learn how to enrol your ageing relative in one of their programmes.